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A Better Clean

Unlike many traditional steam carpet-cleaners, the Zerorez® cleaning process does not use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos to clean. Instead, we use a revolutionary, cleaning process which includes a non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its cleaning fluid, called Powered Water®. This process cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky chemical residue behind.

Powered Water® is applied to your carpet fibers by a controlled spray process that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our powerful zr wand™. Your carpet is cleaned with No Residue® and the dry time is dramatically reduced because we don't flood your carpets with water, unlike many other carpet cleaners.

No Reappearing Spots

Another great benefit of the Zerorez® cleaning process is that spots are much less likely to reappear. Reappearing spots are often the result of wicking action from the back of the carpet to the tips of the carpet fiber as the carpet dries. We eliminate this and de-lamination (caused by conventional hot water extraction cleaning methods) because we do not penetrate the primary backing.

Zerorez® has a Platinum Rating from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) the industry's highest rating! Remember-No residue means cleaner longer®!




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